Cabin Wood with Unreal Engine 4

Joan casals 001
Cabin Wood with Post Process Volume
Joan casals 002
Cabin Wood without Post Process Volume
Joan casals 003
Joan casals 004
Joan casals 006
Joan casals 007 withoutposteffect
Joan casals ue4 objects
Single Objects wich later will be duplicated in scene
Joan casals 01 glassmasterinstancesshow
1rst part of the explanation of how I work as environment artist in UE4
Joan casals 02 glass master
2nd part
Joan casals 03 glass instance
3rd part
Joan casals 04 wood master
4th part
Joan casals 05 wood instance bricks
5th part
Joan casals 06 vertexcolormoss
6th part
Joan casals crycabinwood ztools
Wood Planks and nailed nails made in Zbrush
Joan casals maya buiilding
Cabin Wood with his Uv Map
Joan casals modo roof
Different patterns of the wooden roof
Joan casals modo objects
Door, Window and wood planks to be duplicated in scene
Joan casals modo epicue4 rocksplants
Rocks and Plants from Epic Games Cave Showroom

Breafing for this task:

Please build a small scene that contains a wooden cabin. The cabin should look old, weathered and abandoned, but not totally destroyed or falling apart. Try to achieve a realistic weathered look without it becoming too noisy. It should have these things:

- Wooden shingle roof
- Wooden plank walls
- Wooden porch, windows and doors
- It should be a small cabin, one story or with at most one additional upper level
- Signs of weathering from a wet/damp environment. Moss, lichen, mold, discoloration, etc.
- The house should look abandoned, neglected and weathered, but not half destroyed or with major structural damage.


Images are the result of this task and its explanation.